Jacksonville Pet "Cemetery and Memorial Park"

Our pet cemetery and memorial park offers many different "reflection" options for the memorialization of your pet.

Jacksonville Pet Cemetery now offers the combined services of the burial of a pet owners personal cremated remains ( ashes ) along side of their loved family pet(s) cremated remain ( ashes ).
We have developed a section of the memorial park for this specific service.  The section is called the " Family Memorial Garden " and is only for the burial of cremated remains ( ashes ).  

We have other sections of the park desiginated for the casketed burial of a pet although pet owners ashes cannot be interred with the burial of a pets casketed remains.

Please call the office for additional information about the " Memorial Park".  (904)724-5556

The Value of a Funeral Visitation or Memorial Service

We all will have to make difficult decisions about death care arrangements for our faithful friends . The staff of Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home and Pet Crematory understands the tremendous sorrow that results when we lose a faithful friend. That’s why we offer to you our private visitation chapel for you and you family to come together and have a period of time to spend with your pet as a family or surrounded by your friends. We encourage all the families we serve to have a visitation period or a memorial service that celebrates the life of your special friend. This allows you to share all the different stories about your pet and reflects how unique and special your pet’s life was to your family.

Often when we lose a family pet, it is more than likely a child’s first experience with death. It can be a very traumatic experience and it is very important that the experience be as positive for them as we can make it. Our Caring staff is here to help you help your child understand their confusion of the loss of their first pet and say their goodbyes in a warm and peaceful setting.

Our pet funeral director will help you make the right choices whether you choose a private cremation, a chance to spend time with your pet for a reflective time with your family and friends or arrange for a memorial service to celebrate your pet's life, we can help you make the right choice.

Memorialization is an important part for your grieving process and we want you to have all the options available. Please don’t hesitate to call upon our competent and caring staff at anytime.

Just know ……We are here for you.

Your Loved Companion is placed in a visitation casket for viewing so you can see and touch and express your

  • Heart felt love for your pet. It is comforting to know that you have another opportunity to spend time with and
    love on

    What We Offer To You And Your Family For Funeral Visitation Service

  • Our professional staff and experience family service counselors for guidance during a difficult time.
  • A warm and peaceful Pet Funeral Home for you and your family and the use of our facility and chapel for a
    Visitation period so you can say your final goodbyes and express you love to your faithful friend.
  • We offer that you bring other family pets to the Funeral Home so they can say their goodbyes also. Other pet
    understand that something is wrong but have no idea what is wrong. It is very important that you don’t leave the
    other pet out. They need to understand and grieve to.
  • A final farewell moment with your pet one more time before you have to let go.
  • We provide death care grooming so that the last memory you have of you pet is a peaceful and positive memory.
  • But most of all this visitation period offers closure and allows you in a proper setting a chance to say goodbye and
    show your love of your pet one more time. You may need that last quite moment with your pet and we offer that
    availability for you to do just that.

We have had several of our pets cremated over the years in Ohio - we recently moved here. Your service was by far the nicest we have ever seen. Thank you so much. We were not expecting this level of service & we will definitely recommend you to others.

— Clippinger Family

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