Classic Pet-Crimson Urn

SKU: 9504

The crimson classic pet urn is hand crafted in brass, beautifully finished in rich crimson color with a polished brass detail at urn cap for detail.  The crimson urns are available in three standard sizes and a new large size to accommodate families who wish to keep their beloved pets together in the same urn.

Available in four sizes:

Small – for a pet up to 25 lbs
Item # – 9504P
Dimension – 3.6 X 5 inches
Medium – for a pet up to 40 lbs
Item # – 9504XS
Dimension – 4 X 6 inches
Large – for a pet up to 85 lbs
Item # – 9504S
Dimension – 5.2 X 7.2 inches
Extra Large – for a pet up to 185 lbs or for keeping  multiple pets together.

This urn is sealed at the top with a threaded urn cap for a secure closure.


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